Our Vision

At Landmarks (UK) Ltd we have a dream to become the best company in the industry – in the eyes of our clients, staff, stakeholders and shareholders. We believe that in building up on the already successful reputation of the company it is likely that Landmarks (UK) Ltd will become a nationally renowned Company.

As a Company which is forever changing in size and stature we are rapidly diversifying into specialist markets within the industry, the goal of this is to bring the Landmarks standard into these specialist areas ensuring a higher quality of work and a more enjoyable client and customer experience.

We believe at Landmarks (UK) Ltd people come first, as investors in people we strive to ensure all our staff are highly skilled in their individual areas.

At Landmarks (UK) Ltd the future of the company is firmly set with increasing growth without failing on quality.

Our mantra at Landmarks (UK) Ltd is:

Building the dream

Quality – of materials, staff, suppliers and end product
Value – value for money and added value for clients
Commitment – to clients, staff, suppliers, investors and the environment

Our vision will be achieved through the on-going guiding principles of:

  • Openness, reliability and responsibility
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Respect for our clients, staff and suppliers
  • Investment in people, development and training
  • Team commitment
  • Open and effective communication