Nudura Distributors Meeting

This photo was taken at the Nudura distributors meeting we attended in London in March, where we were presented with both our ICF Builder’s Award and our Service Award. You can see Jon Rowlands sitting at the table (front row, second from the left) holding the ICF award. It was a very proud moment, and a very productive meeting!

We were joined by other distributors from all over the world, namely Australia, Bulgaria, Iceland, New Zealand, Ireland, and others from the UK. Unfortunately the teams from France, South Africa, Dubai and Israel were unable to make it this time, but we look forward to meeting them all in future.

Christopher Stride is the chairman of ICFUK, and  he gave an update on the industry in the UK. It was no surprise to learn that Nudura is the number one ICF product in the UK, holding significant market share over other ICF manufacturers in the market. This is thanks to a fantastic product, but also a lot of hard work from all of the distributors here in the UK, working constantly to advertise and raise awareness of ICF in general but Nudura in particular. The Nudura representatives were very grateful and proud of us all for this achievement.

It was a very positive meeting, and we look forward to attending the next one!

Nudura Distributors Meeting