Nudura Insulated Concrete Formwork

Nudura is our main Partner Supplier, we have “Approved Distributor” status, and as such we are very proud to be associated with a World leader in the ICF industry.

90FormInsulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) has been supplying the construction industry with a recognised MMC (modern method of construction) for many years now. The main attractions are speed of build in most weather conditions, great strength with the monolithic concrete core, building life expectancy measured in the hundreds of years, flexibility of design, fewer trades required on site, exceptional thermal efficiency, air tightness throughout the life of the structure, (no shrinkage problems with ICF), strength can be easily built in to suite all site requirements, ideal for flood plains, or earthquake zones.

Nudura offers 4 “u” values as a standard, 0.24, 0.16, 0.13 & 0.11W/m2K.

45FormNudura has 5 standard core widths of concrete 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm. Wider bespoke widths are available in 50mm increments if required.

So whether the job is above or below ground, single storey or multi-storey, round or square, we have a solution.

NUDURA offer a complete line of form options:

  • 45 and 90 degree form units
  • Tapered Top Forms
  • Brick Corbel Forms
  • Extensions in every available core thickness.
  • In addition, the range includes T Form Wall combinations across all core thicknesses.

Visit the Nudura Website:- www.nudura.co.uk

BrickLedge     One-sided_90degree_outside     Radius     T Forms Stacked     OneSidedForm_sm

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