Sustainable Construction Solutions

Living in a World with diminishing natural resources, we firmly believe that all new builds and refurbishments should bear this in mind. So when designing a new build there are many considerations, we can help!

The key to a successful low energy new build is to start with the basics from the footings upwards.

A new build should aim for the follow objectives.

  • Maximum Energy Efficiency that the budget will allow. “u” values from 0.24 to 0.11W/m²K
  • Comfort; which is achieved by reducing draughts and cold spots (Dew points)
  • Peace of mind;
    1. Better sound proofing for both air borne noise, and reduced structural vibrations.
    2. 4 hour fire rating.
    3. Flood resistant.
    4. Ability to withstand wind load of up to 250mph.
  • Long term value. Insulated Concrete Structures have a lifespan measured in hundreds of years with reduced maintenance and repairs throughout its lifetime.
  • Reduced daily energy costs.
    1. The solid mass of the Nudura wall has some unique qualities.. The monolithic concrete is layered between two continuous pieces of 67mm EPS foam, which isolates the concrete and significantly reduces the flow of heat through the wall.
    2. Nudura walls have a high storage capacity with low thermal conductivity, providing the most useful level of Thermal Mass. This helps stabilize the internal temperature fluctuations and provides a largely self-regulating environment. The result is less energy consumption, reducing the need for mechanical heating and cooling, resulting in greater cost savings throughout the year.


Landmarks (UK) Ltd are primarily builders, however by trying different products for various projects over the years we have done the hard work of finding out what works best.

We are Authorised Distributors for The Nudura ICF system www.nuduraicf.co.uk and also for the Atlas insulated Raft www.jackon-insulation.com  system that works extremely well with Nudura but can be used with all other types of building systems including timber frame and traditional masonry construction. As such we can offer several levels of support:-

  1. Supply and build.
  2. Supply and train.
  3. Supply only, if you are in the trade and have passed the compulsory training programme.

We are also Approved Triton Damp-Proofing Contractors, www.tritonsystems.co.uk so if your project is refurbishment we can offer advice and products that can get rid of damp, condensation, and retrofit insulation internally or externally.